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Top 10 Fire Protection Solution Companies - 2019

Firefighting is undoubtedly a job that entails numerous life-threatening risks. However, new technologies such as sensor-assisted fire fighting, personalized vocal smoke alarms, and drones are increasingly helping firefighters to respond faster and make better judgments in critical situations. For example, incident commanders can now monitor fire personnel’s location and wellness using sensors that are attached to the personal protective equipment and self-contained breathing apparatus used by firefighters.

In addition, with the help of drones—quadcopters—firefighters and first responders can detect hotspots and receive real-time data, including images and video of the fire without putting themselves in the harm’s way. Another new technology showing immense promise is sensor-assisted fire fighting. Using real-time information from sensors installed in a building, firefighters can accurately identify and predict how a fire could develop over time.

With a comprehensive understanding of these new developments, Enterprise Technology Review has compiled a list of top 10 fire protection solution providers to guide organizations in harnessing the power of new-age fire prevention technologies and ensure the safety of their people.

We are glad to feature Texas-based Emergency Solutions, Inc. as our cover story. Emergency Solutions creates a value-bound workflow and reporting solutions that deliver comprehensive services for fire departments to enhance their operations. The cutting-edge solution enables the company to uniquely identify, understand firsthand, and solve the problems that firefighters face each day.

With several innovative technological capabilities and success stories up its sleeves, these firms are constantly proving its mettle in the field of fire safety and protection. We hope this edition of Enterprise Technology Review helps you build the partnership you and your firm needs to foster a safe working environment.

We present to you Enterprise Technology Review’s “Top 10 Fire Protection Solution Providers – 2019.”

    Top Fire Protection Solution Companies

  • Emergency Solutions is 100% firefighter owned and operated. Combined, the firm holds over 48 years of firefighting, 54 years of medical, as well as 40 years of IT experience. They are making technology and training solutions that are both affordable and easy to use. The products and services offered by the company are Responsemaster, Phone Service, Cost Recovery and Billing, Grant Writing, Consulting, Technology Solutions, and Access Control & Security Solutions. They ensure that small and medium fire departments have access to the same solutions that are currently only available to large departments. They also provide more efficient, cost-effective solutions for large departments


  • Apollo Fire Detectors

    Apollo Fire Detectors

    Apollo Fire Detectors are well known as a world-class fire solutions provider. With regional offices in America, the UK, China, Dubai, Germany, and India, plus a network of partners and distributors on five continents. Apollo America specializes in the design and manufacture of high-quality fire detection solutions for commercial, industrial, life safety, and HVAC applications. Apollo fire safety products are used in prestigious locations across the globe: The Statue of Liberty, New York; The Royal Albert Hall, London; The Kremlin, Moscow. They produce analog addressable, conventional, duct mounted, wireless and two-wire detectors coupled with system components and remote accessories, approved to local standards and regulations from across the world

  • ASM Integrators

    ASM Integrators

    Founded in 2006, ASM Integrators is a New York-based security integration Company. The company has expertise in Fire Alarm, Access Control, CCTV, Burglar Alarm, Video Surveillance, Fire Alarm Installation. ASM Integrators serves several industries such as Commercial & Business, Hospitality, Property Management, and Educational Facilities. The security partners include security alarm systems, fire alarm systems, access control systems, CCTV & security camera systems. The 'ASM's three key metrics approach; loss prevention, risk management, and business operation management. They serve products like Video Surveillance, Burglar Alarm, Fire Alarm, Access Control, Phone Systems, Intercom, and Data Network

  • Flame Guard USA

    Flame Guard USA

    Flame Guard USA markets, manufactures, and distributes innovative X-Tinguish fire suppression technology all over the world. The distributors and sales representatives are located strategically across the globe. Flame Guard USA only offers fire suppression solutions that are proven efficient, innovative, and friendly to our environment. The products served are X-Tinguish FST, Mircom, Protectowire, and Pxyreduct by Wagner. These products are used in several industries such as transportation, mining, wind turbines, control room, heavy industry, marine and commercial fishing, industrial machinery, UPS, and archives & museums. The company operates from its home office Lake Barrington, IL USA and has over 30 distributor sales and service locations in Europe, Asia, the Americas, and the Middle East

  • Globe Sprinkler

    Globe Sprinkler

    Headquartered in Michigan, Globe Fire Sprinkler is a family-owned fire sprinkler manufacturer firm. The company has expertise in Fire Sprinklers, Fire Protection Valves, and Fire Protection. The products served by the company are pressure switches, electric bells, solenoid valve, water flow detectors, butterfly valves, tamper switches, V1 wet system valves, valve accessories, preaction system, sprinkler and many more. Globe developed the earliest lever-fulcrum dry pipe valve, Globe Save All center strut sprinklers, and eventually became the first US company to utilize 5mm and 3mm Glass Bulbs in its commercial and residential sprinklers

  • Mircom


    Headquartered in Vaughan (Toronto), Ontario, Mircom is a global designer, manufacturer, and distributor of Intelligent Building Solutions. The portfolio of Miecom includes Fire Detection & Alarm, Mass Notification, Communications & Security, Building Automation & Smart Technologies, Nurse Call, and '''SmartCondo' Solutions. 'Mircom aims to make buildings worldwide safer, smarter, and more livable. From small multi-unit residential apartments to commercial office towers or institutional facilities, Mircom offers a wide range of Intelligent Building Solutions to meet any requirement. The services provided by the company are a maintenance, inspections & site monitoring service, and system sales



    PROTENG USA is striving to change the industry by providing adequate, environmentally friendly fire protection to the masses that stop the fire at the source to save valuable assets and priceless lives. PROTENG has created a patented, fully automatic fire suppression system like no other. It is entirely self-contained and is heat-activated. This revolutionary system is environmentally friendly and meets the highest world standards. It minimizes fire damage by effectively extinguishing a fire at its initial stage by eliminating heat. The devices were designed to protect machinery, engines, computer systems, electronic equipment, and other high-value assets

  • Purvis Systems

    Purvis Systems

    PURVIS Systems is a privately held company which provides innovative solutions for defense and space. At PURVIS Systems, they develop, integrate, and modernize reliable technology and communications solutions that support the life-critical missions of Public Safety organizations, and have been doing it for nearly four decades. The company supports some of the public 'sector's most sophisticated organizations, such as National Institutes of Health, Boston Fire Department, NATO, Washington DC Fire and Rescue, and others. PURVIS tackles some of the most demanding communications and systems challenges that our defense and public safety customers face

  • Seek thermal

    Seek thermal

    An unseen world of energy surrounds us. It’s part of everything we touch, see and feel. This unseen world provides important information, useful in solving everyday problems. Seek Thermal™ products let you to detect and visualize energy through thermal imaging solutions, sensors and devices - on the job and beyond. It connect this into your every day life to solve real problems. Our purpose is as focused as the infrared imaging technologies we create: to make thermal imaging an accessible, everyday tool, so users can do their jobs faster, smarter, safer and more profitably. We’re helping a global audience see the advantages of thermal imaging – by helping them See the Unseen™

  • Viking Group

    Viking Group

    For over 90 years the name Viking has represented global leadership in fire protection. Today, the companies of the Viking Group (Viking Corporation, Viking SupplyNet, Viking Fabrication Services, and Viking Plastics) provide independent fire sprinkler contractors with integrated solutions for any fire protection challenge. The portfolio of the company consists of Viking Fire Sprinklers, Viking Valves & Systems, Viking Foam Products, Flexible Sprinkler Connections, Steel Pipe & Fittings, Hangers & Fasteners, Related System Valves, Viking CPVC Piping System, FDC Equipment and many more. The Viking Group provides customers with quality, availability, innovation, and support